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We’ve been serving Orange County and beyond for over 20 years!

Never will you run into a more honest and dependable mechanic service anywhere!

Many people are surprised to learn how affordable our Mobile Mechanic services are.

Word of Advice

If you are currently shopping around for a mobile mechanic, be sure to select a mechanic service that has many good references.

In our 20 years of experience, we have seen mechanics come and go like a flash in the pan. In many cases, some of these fly-by-night mechanics will show up with only a bucketful of tools and a six pack. Needless to say, this is not acceptable nor professional business.

Only do business with utmost professionals such as with OC Mobile Mechanic.

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Orange County Mobile Mechanic

Owner’s Bio

Hi, my name is Dick Johnson, and I am owner and operator of OC Mobile Mechanic. Here is a little history about me and how I got started in this Mobile Mechanic service business.

My life growing up wasn’t the most pleasant since I had 2 parents who were constantly arguing. I found myself escaping to the peace and quiet of the garage to work on my ’56 Chevy which I purchased for only $500. I actually saved that money from my paper route since I was 10 years old and by the time I was 12, I had fully restored the car to mint condition.

Eventually I gave up the paper route and started working at a local service station working on cars and pumping gas. Unfortunately, I also quit school and was driving at an age where it wasn’t legal yet because I had no choice at the time.

As soon as I turned 16, I was finally able to legally get my driver’s license. About that same time, I quit working at the service station and I bought a 1981 Chevy 1 ton truck and I got myself a business license to start my very first Mobile Mechanic service. In 1986, my Mobile Mechanic service was an instant success! It was since then that I started really working on anything I could get my hands on. This is where I picked up a majority of my experience and skills.

Upon turning 17, I moved out of my parents’ home and all I had to be concerned with was my business. I made it my goal to get my ASE certification and I passed it with flying colors getting a score of 100%! Every year since I take my retest and have successfully passed each time. Anyone that checks on me will find out that I still have the same business license and phone number I did way back then.

I really enjoy doing what I do and it just happens to be a bonus that I get paid to do it as well. I am here to help anyone in need of automotive repair, so feel free to call me anytime, night or day. You will even notice some of my online reviews from people I have gladly assisted over the phone without even charging them a dime.

BTW – I still have that 1957 Chevy which happens to have a little over 900 horses under the hood. And I find it just as dependable as any new Honda on the road today! HAHA

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